Typical products
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Typical products


The typical local kitchen includes all Piedmont’s appetizers as roasted peppers, sauced tongue, omelets with herbs and onions, Russian salad, tunny rabbit, vegetables puff-pastry, cardoon flan, With a particular attention at the products’ quality and provenience.
Piedmonts’ “Fassone” bovine meat is bought at Torchio Massimiliano’s butchery (Via Nazionale,32- Baldichieri d’Asti) and is served as raw meat, rump, roast beef, roast-meat, braised beef and classic boiled meat.
Cold cuts come from Bruno Germano in Piea. They breed porks on straw with a perfect feeding assuring compact meat that becomes by the processing and the seasoning cooked salami, cotechino or the well known Nebbiolo Salame.
The kitchen prepares different sorts of meat as guinea-fowl, duck, rabbit, Villanova’s blonde hen, wild pork, lamb or kid.
All this is bought by Miroglio (Via xx Settembre – Baldichieri d’Asti) upon guarantee and provenience certificate.
As pasta dishes you can choose between roasted sauce ravioli, ravioli with Fondue or donkeys’ ravioli, gnocchi, tajarin, Carnaroli’s rice and everything with fresh and refined sauces.
Cakes are all self made and the choice is between classic bunets, zabaione, hazel-nuts cake, granny’s apple cake, pear and amaretti or figs and honey pies, tart, tiramisu and more.
The wine carte is rich and our cellar is well-stocked in particular with Barbera d’ Asti, Freisa, Grignolino,Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Moscato and Barolo, Barbaresco and another 150 labels of meditation wine. There is a big choice at wine and the right one to make each happening unforgettable.